At Little Harbor Window Company we offer our customers the option of ordering from our standard products or working with our design and production staff to build a truly custom window or door. With over 30 years experience we have enjoyed building some truly amazing windows and doors, but that doesn’t mean that our standard products aren’t extraordinary too! We encourage you to review our standard offerings and if the need arises, please challenge our company to work out the details to make your ideas come to life.

Double Hung Windows
Double Hung windows are an American tradition in architecture. We offer many hardware and glazing options for this wonderful style of window. From classic weight and chain hardware utilizing high quality ball-bearing  pulleys to more traditional rope and weight windows incorporating hand cast pulleys and window cord or the concealed balance window which shows no operational hardware we are experienced at making these windows exceed your expectations. We offer many different sash lock options as well as sash lifts and limiters. Our sales and design teams love to review ideas about windows and doors so please call and discuss any ideas you may have.


Casements and Awnings
Our Casement and Awning windows are perfect in any setting, with a wide selection of glazing and hardware options. whether you choose to have your casements constructed with single light or divided light glass, our design staff will be there to offer opportunities to you. We use only the highest quality hardware including traditional butt hinges and push rod operators as well as standard articulating hinges with rotary operators and multipoint locks can be added to any window or if you choose we offer custom hardware manufacturers as well.


European Windows
We have been offering our customers the opportunity to introduce European style and function to their homes for the better part of the last three decades, tilt-turn, lift-slide and folding windows have been popular additions to projects as an accent piece or as the mainstay of the window project. We are always updating our techniques in European windows to reflect the latest advances coming to the market.


Custom Styles
Since the first  half round window left our shop in 1983, custom  windows have been our defining product. We are masters in custom shaped units, whether your project calls for a radius top an oval or curved on plane unit we are proud to offer you the culmination of our skills and craftsmanship to produce the perfect piece.