Little Harbor Window is proud to offer you the ability to create doors that add  structural integrity, highly insulating properties, and added security while maintaining aesthetic beauty for any project. We start every one of our custom doors with Stave Core stiles to add to the stability of the door. We then create full 2-1/2″tenons with blind mortises to add  industry leading strength to the joinery.

Panel doors
As stunning as they are solid our traditional solid core panel doors pair excellently with either side lights or a transom window to create the perfect entrance to your home. Whether raised or flat panels or if a flush door is what your project requires we are pleased to design and manufacture it for you. We can add additional mouldings or decorative metal to accent the door and can use different wood species for interior and exterior to truly customize your door.

Glass doors 
Whether they stand alone or if take an entire wall, our glass door offer the ability to enjoy the natural light in a room. Thanks to our numerous insulating glass options we make sure that you have maximum heat or air-conditioning retention .We offer traditional swing doors and European style lift and slide  and tilt-turn units to suit your needs.


Dutch doors 
Dutch doors are a way to set you mud room apart. Our dutch doors are weatherstripped and just as insulating as our solid core or our glass doors, but offer just a hint of uniqueness to reflect who you are.

It doesn’t matter which type of door you choose because we join all our components together by utilizing 2-1/2” tenons at the joints. Our accurate CNC equipment produces the precision needed to ensure exacting tolerances and allow for the correct amount of waterproof adhesive. After sanding and hardware preparation are completed we coat the top and bottom of the door with epoxy to seal the end grain and keep moisture out of the door to prevent swelling of the material.

We offer a full range of hardware options on our doors. aside from traditional ball bearing hinges we are pleased to offer one of a kind custom cast hinges. We offer multi-point locks on all of our doors for added strength and security.

Please call our sales staff to discuss the door you envision.